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2nd Life Batteries: A Boon For The Solar Industry

As the demand for energy storage increases and there is more and more demand for Lithium Ion batteries to meet our energy storage requirements, we could be overlooking a possible solution to the high initial investments for batteries.

More countries and consumers are making the shift to electric vehicles globally in the hope of going greener they do face one problem, what do they do with all of the batteries being used by EV’s when their service degrades? EV batteries do have a tough life and are subjected to some pretty tough operating conditions, both physically and performance wise, and at some stage they do degrade to a point where they are no longer suited to this demanding role. They reach the end of their “1st Life”.

While these batteries are no longer suitable for EV’s, they are by no means useless and ready for the scrap heap (which is the last place that the environmentally conscious amongst us want them to end up), and may have up to 8 years of serviceable life left in them. These Lithium Iron batteries are in fact perfect for terrestrial based storage applications, such as solar storage, that require between 100 to 300 power cycles per year. This in essence grants these batteries a “2nd Life” with many more useful years of storage before they need to be recycled, and this provides the consumer with an energy storage solution that is between 30 – 50% cheaper than an equivalent new battery pack.

Being a used item there are always some concerns around performance and warranties associated with the 2nd Life batteries, and many of these concerns are valid since there is currently no regulatory framework that governs the sale and usage of these items. However most distributors do offer their own warranties on the units that they supply, but it is always best to purchase through a company with a known distribution channel and a physical presence in the country in which you are installing, unless you do not mind the long wait for replacement parts.

In summary, 2nd Life batteries can provide an effective Energy Storage Solution (ESS) for your solar or backup energy storage solution with relatively low initial capital outlay when compared to purchasing new, and they add to your green credentials by preventing another battery from ending up in a landfill.

Power DOT Data provides 48v Revov battery packs in increments of 10.2kWh with our Energy Storage Solutions. These battery packs are supplied with a 3600 cycle warranty and are around 30% cheaper than a new competitor. When combined with the Victron product range this provides a fantastic energy storage solution for your home or office.

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