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Our Purpose

At our core, we are inquisitive of how we can harness the power of energy to improve efficiencies in your business. It is about finding the opportunities to expose the operational potential in your business utilising solar, technology and automation. We are an electrical and Information Technology services company utilising the convergence of electrical, Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems required for the enablement of Industry 4.0 in your business. 

Our focus is your business. Optimizing performance through IT and OT.


  • IT & IoT Systems Implementation
  • IT Systems Maintenance and Managed Services
  • Solar Energy
  • Electrical Automation
  • Power Metering and Controls    

Combined our team has in excess of 25 years electrical, IT and OT Systems implementation, as well as Project Management experience in the corporate, commercial, industrial and agricultural industries. 

Preparing for Industry 4.0

With the development of technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) means that companies are requiring more data and control over their operational environments. Much of this requires the interfacing and integration of electrical systems into their Information Technology platforms and Data Networks. 

We bring together the skills required to implement and maintain the electrical systems and data network to the highest standards; while maintaining an understanding of the requirement of these systems being linked into the IT platforms. The technical hands-on ability required to install the electrical and monitoring systems, and then connect those same systems through the required network topologies, can now be handled by a single company, Power DOT Data. 

We pave the way for your business platforms to gain access to the required data when, and how they need to in order to attain results driven optimization. 


Power, Power, Power

Without it your organisation is dead in the water.

With a record of delivering quality and timely services, we are positioned to install and commission your solar or backup power installation to the highest standards to ensure that it operates safely and reliably over the term of its life-span rewarding you with a true return on your investment.

We provide ongoing maintenance and support on our installations. We utilize a remote monitoring platform to measure, track and maximize the performance of not only your Solar installation, but your entire site's power usage.  Maintenance and support is optional and recommended for the duration of the manufacturers warranty* period of 15 years.

We utilize internationally acclaimed solar and electrical equipment, backed by manufacturers warrantees, to offer your company peace of mind that your investment will offer longevity beyond the payment period.

Asset Financing and / or Power Purchasing Agreements can be offered through our partners.

*SolarEdge Manufacturers Warranty period is 15 years if installed and maintained by a qualified installer.


Electrical Installations and Maintenance

At Power DOT Data we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. Focusing primarily on the Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural industries we are able to deliver solution driven installations.

Our services cover the supply and installation of lighting and power outlets in both single phase and three phase installations along with the installation of the required wiring channels and conduits. We are skilled in the installation of both single phase and 3 phase motors and their control circuits such as FWD/REVERSE starters and STAR/DELTA starters, and speed drives.  


Technical Services

Looking to deploy that IoT solution for a client but not sure how or where to install the endpoints?

Do you need to install network cabling in order to deploy that new IT or VOIP solution for a client?

Do you require a safe dust-free and watertight cabinet to install your IoT edge device in and have it installed correctly?

This is where our Technical Services can assist your company with its deployments. Our skilled tradesmen can work with you to make sure that your solutions are deployed correctly “on the ground” using the correct equipment for the purpose and environment.


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